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Traditional Irish Music Structure

Learning the structure of Traditional Irish Music is not difficult at all. Most tunes have 2 sections consisting of an "A" part and a "B" part, each having 8 bars of music. Each part in played twice so as the structure of the tune is "AABB". If the tune has 3 parts, then it is played "AABBCC". This is the general rule, although exceptions may exist.

Each of these sections (or 8 bars), is made up of 4, 2 bar phrases...kind of like a question and answer.
For example:

"Are you sleeping, are you sleeping," - is the question of the first phrase
"Brother John, Brother John," - is the answer of the first phrase
"Morning bells are ringing, Morning bells are ringing," - is the question of the second phrase
"Din dan don, Din dan don." - is the answer of the second phrase

Here is an example using "Paddy Clancy's Jig:

A three part jig would look like this, using "Arthur Daley's":

Traditional Irish Music Time and Tempo

Traditional Irish Music Modes and Scales